110 V Rapid Deployment Cameras (110VRDC’S)


110 VRDC’s Ensure Full Site Security 24/7 and Provide Complete Health and Safety Solutions

110v Rapid Development Cameras (110VRDC’S) are perfect for sites with mains electric or a generator running 24/7. They can be used in conjunction with Manned Guarding services or independently on their own. On arrival of the 110VRDC’s an escalation process will be set up with the client.  They are designed to be a semi-permanent  solution for a site that is at risk but also for a site that will develop and may need the CCTV moving as the risk moves.




How Our System Works

  • 4 X Static HD Cameras to create a full 360 degree view at all times.
  • 1 X Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Camera.
  • 4 X Alarms that relate to each camera e.g. Camera 1 Alarm 1.
  • Each PIR Detector is completely wireless and we are able to move the PIR off the Trailer up to 100m away from the CCTV unit to cover a large compound.
  • 25 days continuous recording.
  • The system is monitored 24/7 by our control room.
  • The escalation process will be set up with the team on site.  E.g. (incident onsite call key holder 1, key holder 2, key holder 3, if no answer call the police if a threat is detected). Our CCTV system is armed and disarmed by the customer.
    We supply 2 X remote fobs just like a car key. One button to arm, one button to disarm.
  • 24/7 on call Engineer for full peace of mind.
  • Mobile connectivity to allow users access via smartphones, tablets and laptops.