The Situation

InterTrain is situated on a mixed use office space covering 4 acres. When they moved in, the total security & protection of the buildings was lacking. Therefore, they needed a security company that would give advice on the current location. Due to the amount of visitors moving around on site there was a massive need to restrict access to certain areas & be able to monitor movement in & around the premises. To be compliant with safe standards, they needed an upgraded Fire & Intruder system.

The Sector

  • Rail

The Solutions/ Business Requirements

  • Access Control
  • Fixed CCTV Camera Systems
  • Manned 24
  • Intruder & Fire Alarms
  • Key Holding

The Process

Due to the size of the area that needed to be protected and controlled, Black Diamond provided several solutions. Firstly, a fob access control system to control access and egress locations and authorising personnel to restricted areas. Additional automated electronic gates to focus access points on site.

External and Internal Fixed CCTV Systems to monitor the site 24/7, maintain and check personnel locations and increasing detection of potential intruders. Combined with new Intruder & Fire alarms, to keep systems up to date with safety requirements and providing fast response in the case of intruders or emergencies.

InterTrain decided to use our key holding service to allow response teams access to the site, in the event of an incursion, without the need for their staff to be present.

The Evaluation

As of yet there has been no incursion onto site from would be thieves, movement around the site is far more controlled, whilst restricting those without access to risk areas. CCTV system run 24/7 aiding in discouraging would be intruders and thieves. As the main security solutions are performing as expected, response teams using our key holding services still visit the site as a show of forces and to update the site evaluation, encase of new security risks.


“From planning to completion, through to the aftercare & maintenance it’s been a pleasure to have Black Diamond as our security supplier. We were impressed with the install because a lot of it had to be completed in the day. We found the engineers to be not intrusive, courteous & polite & very knowledgeable, allowing our work to carry on with no interruption. We would highly recommend Black diamond to any company wanting a consultative professional Security company.”

Keith Jessop – MD InterTrain