The Situation

Initially we installed & maintained access, Fire & intruder alarms. They also had a problem with their City centre car park, with the public parking in it. They have recently leased 2 floors of the building next door. Which they needed to completely refurbish. They wanted to control the access between the two buildings & needed the fire & intruder alarms upgrading.

The Sector

  • Commercial Solicitors

The Solutions / Business Requirements

  • Access Control Systems
  • Intruder & Fire Alarms

The Process

We installed a key coded gate for the car park to restrict access. Upgraded intruder & fire alarms to provide audible security. With our advice, we installed a fob access control system & linked it to main building so they have complete control of both buildings & who has access to their premises.

The Evaluation

The Key Coded gates immediately stopped the unauthorised parking. The Intruder & fire alarms firstly made sure a audible deterrent was present for staff and secondly meeting the required regulations and safety standards.


“We have been impressed with the work carried out. Also issues we have been always dealt with in a prompt reliable & professional manner”

IT Facilities Manager