The Situation

Black Diamond Security needed to provide a variety of services in support of First Trans Pennine (FTP), on three sites Preston Sidings, Barrow – in – Furness and Grimsby Train Station. Each site requied a variety of pro and reactive systems to be in place, to maintain a high level of order and security for the public and the personnel.

The Solution / Business Requirements

  • Static and Mobile Guarding
  • Canine Patrols

The Process

Preston Sidings

The primary requirement was for the job was to provide 24- hour security on site. This consisted of a total of 60 hours, each spanning three separate weekends in succession. This requirement needed guards that were SIA Licensed and PTS approved.

The Remit of the services was patrolling the sidings, whilst FTP rolled their engines into the deep cleaning and graffiti removal area. The guards brief was to actively prevent vandals and the general public from gaining entry to the engines.

Our guards regularly interfaced with FTP staff, ensuring all engines completed the clean, and left the sidings within the time frames required.

Barrow – In – Furness

In contrast to Preston Siding, the service we provided over a six-week period at this site, was that of high profile guards and patrols. The service was provided over a six-week period. The guards were required to patrol all platforms during the festive period, to provide protection to all staff and patrons on site and to prevent Unauthorised individuals from being on the platforms when closed.

Grimsby Train Station

At Grimsby Station the service we provided was firstly based at the station,then accompanying the shuttle bus which would take passengers and staff, to and from Cleethorpes station. The requirement was that our guards prevent anti social behaviour at both sites and on the shuttle bus. The service was providedover 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year.

The Evaluation

Preston Sidings
Following this work, our team received an email formally from FTP Via Carlisle Group Services (our direct client). Carlisle Group Services asked us to work the festive period at Barrow – In – Furness and Grimsby Train Stations.

Barrow – In – Furness
This work again resulted in positive feedback from Carlisle, with zero incidents of security breaches.

Grimsby Train Station
We received positive feedback from both FTP and Carlisle Group Services.


“Thanks to black diamond security as they were all full of praise of the professionalism and enthusiasm displayed by each and every security guard who worked”

Carlisle Group