The Situation

GB Rail Freight were expanding Roberts Road Freight Depot from Network Rail. The site had been left vacant for some time and as a consequence had been completely stripped of cabling, and anything remotely valuable. Prior to official handover all infrastructure had been reinstated including all track, cabling and buildings. There was also a Diesel pump installed for fuelling locos which was initially our main priority. It was therefore extremely important that we provided a first class service once onsite

The depot is approximately 1km of uneven terrain end to end with openings at the Sheffield end to allow the locos onsite. The site was vulnerable to access from several points, with previous sightings suggesting offenders were walking across the main Doncaster – Sheffield lines to access site.

The Solution / Business Requirements

  • Perimeter Protection
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Canine patrols
  • Vacant Property Inspection

The Process

Where possible, perimeters were closed off and repaired and guards were instructed to conduct a large number of patrols throughout the 24 hours manning.

Due to problems experienced prior to GBRf receiving the site, which included a high incident rate of trespass, vandalism, and theft, it was deemed necessary to deploy 2 guards throughout the night. After careful consideration and as a result of a further incident, Black Diamond took the decision to replace the 2-night guards with 1 Canine Patrol.

The Evaluation

The results have so far been excellent resulting in zero incident of theft or vandalism. Trespass remains an issue due to the location and the size of the site; however, several trespassers showing intent to cause damage or remove materials / equipment have been deterred and in some cases detained to await the police.

“Black Diamond Security has delivered in such a way that it has led to our commitment to offer them more services than our original funding base. Our staff and visitor perception ratings of site security are at an all time high.The Dog handling team has added a whole new dimension to our site security requirements and had a big impact on reducing the problems we were experiencing on our areas of work”

Contracts and Procurement Manager, GBRf.