Knottingley Depot

The Situation

Following a break-in at one of their compounds in Knottingley and in anticipation of a repeat offense, Black Diamond Security Ltd was asked by Network Rail to provide security throughout the night in order to support current systems.

The site had CCTV and electronic access control, however, on the night of the break-in the system had failed to identify the offenders as trespassers. As the site is used 24/7 it could have been that they were mistaken for workers.

Several vehicles were damaged and items take from the stores before the offenders made their escape in a vehicle from the site.

The Solution / Business Requirements

  • Maintenance
  • Canine Patrols
  • Static Guarding

The Process

In light of the severity of the incident and the concern that the offenders would return for more, Black Diamond Security suggested the use of Security Patrol Dogs throughout the night.  Network Rail agreed on this course of action as they were keen to provide a visual and audible deterrent as soon as possible.

Black Diamond Security was on site that same day, providing extra support whilst the CCTV systems were being repaired. What the contract highlighted was the importance of a mixed approach to security; whilst electronic systems can be effective and reduce costs; there are huge benefits to having a human (and canine!) element on site.

The Evaluation

Black Diamond Security were actively on site protecting the site assets from damage and vandalism, reducing the number of active incursions from unathorised personnel and providing a visible deterrent.