Commercial Solutions


When your organisation employs the services of Black Diamond, the service becomes much more than just security solutions.

We must project the right image in a style that represents your corporate culture whilst ensuring our offices are of the highest caliber, capable of being polite and courteous at all times whilst simultaneously enforcing the security protocols. This can include control of goods in and out, searching individuals and vehicles, the safety of server rooms and monitoring of CCTV.

Services For:

• Office development & renovation
• Headquarters & main offices
• Temporary & onsite offices


Security Management

A full site assessment is paramount in maintaining security, you must maintain a secure site at all times to keep security vigilant.

We aim to build a partnership from start to finish, that will maintain and adapt as your project/site expands and progresses.

We provide full access and egress protocols / systems to ensure vigilant standards

We can provide immediate response for:

• BDS Response Team
• British Police

With our flexible approach and experienced management, this allows us to revise our services wherever necessary, guaranteeing our clients the utmost cost-effective security solution for your business.


Our Recommended Services:

Technological Solutions:

• Fixed CCTV
• Rapid Deployment Cameras
• BD Eyes
• Triple IR Detectors
• Fire Alarms
• Intruder Alarms
• Access Control
• Facial Recognition & Bio-metric Systems

Service based Solutions:

• Mobile and Static Guarding
• Canine Patrols