Education Solutions


Protecting your school, academy or university campus is priority one to keep your students, teachers and visitors safe.

Black Diamond Security will install and monitor fixed CCTV systems if needed on site monitoring and recording of the cameras during class. When your site has closed for the holidays, we can monitor your site remotely and provide vacant property inspections.

We understand that your organisation has specific needs for their fire safety, security and communications systems, but financial resources can often be stretch thin. With our specialised approach to your personal needs, we can meet any budget and size.

We can help you address the security complexities of operating in a multi-faceted environment that can bring any number of safety challenges to your school.

Services For:

• Primary Schools
• Nurseries
• Private & Public Schools
• Academies
• Universities & Colleges


Security and Safety Management

A full site assessment is paramount in maintaining security, you must maintain a secure site at all times to keep security effective.

We aim to build a partnership from start to finish that will maintain and adapt as your project/site expands and progresses.

We provide full access and egress protocols / systems to ensure vigilant standards.

We can provide immediate response for:

• Black Diamond Security Response Team
• British Police

With our flexible approach and experienced management, this allows us to revise our services wherever necessary, guaranteeing our clients the utmost cost-effective security solution for your business.


Our Recommended Services:

Manned Solutions:

• Vacant Property Protection
• Static Guarding

Technology Solutions:

• Fixed CCTV
• Access Control
• Facial Recognition & Bio-metric Systems
• BD Eyes
• Fire Alarms
• Intruder Alarms
• Rapid Deployment Cameras