Environment & Waste Solutions


Environment and Waste is a new sector for Black Diamond, we are taking what we have learnt from many of our other sectors and applying it to create security solutions that best work for you and this sector.

Fire is a big risk at waste sites. Combining manned security with a range of triple IR detectors (can protect all hydrocarbon risks in non-hazardous and classified hazardous explosive atmospheres) is the approach that many of our clients go for.

Building a strong foundation of security can help prevent the possibility of complication down the line, which could result in damage or the destruction of your site.

Services For:

• Recycling Plants
• Waste Disposal Sites
• Water Treatment Plants


Security Management

A full site assessment is paramount in understanding the security solutions needed, maintaining a secure site at all times to keep security vigilant.

We aim to build a partnership from start to finish that will maintain and adapt as your project/site expands and progresses.

We provide full access and egress protocols / systems to ensure vigilant standards

We can provide immediate response for:

• Black Diamond Security Response Team
• British Fire Brigade
• British Police

With our flexible approach and experienced management, this allows us to revise our services wherever necessary, guaranteeing our clients the utmost cost-effective security solution for your business.


Our Recommended Services

Technological Solutions:

• Fixed CCTV
• BD Eyes
• Rapid Deployment Cameras
• Triple IR detectors
• Fire Alarms
• Intruder Alarms
• Access Control
• Facial Recognition & Bio-metric Systems

Service based Solutions:

• Static Guarding
• Canine Patrols