Public Sector Solutions


We understand that the public sector deals with governmental administration and has countless obligations to fulfill in order to serve the people.

The sector faces challenges every single day; when it comes to protecting it, our political stances and beliefs will never come into place. We aim to keep our duty as impartial and proficient method.

Services For:

• Health Care
• Maintenance
• Council
• Planning & Development


Security Management

A full site assessment is paramount in maintaining security, you must maintain a secure site at all times to keep security vigilant.

We provide to those who work with us freedom and control over their specialist security measures.

Protection of the highest caliber for:

• Yourself
• Your staff
• Your facilities

We are combining personal protection and security systems.

We are trained for variable threats faced in the public such as:

• Crime
• Malicious Damage
• Anti Social Behaviour


Our Recommended Services:

Technological Solutions:

• Fixed CCTV
• Access Control
• Facial Recognition & Bio-metric Systems

Service based Solutions:

• Close Protection Officers
• Mobile and Static Guarding