Rail Solutions


The railway industry provides some unique challenges for the security with regards to asset protection, it requires assets and requirements working “on or near the line”

We bring the best industry practices to bear for our clients by undertaking specific security strategy reviews for all contracts and sites. These are integrated into the works package plans and task briefing to provide a total service.

Services For:

• Mainlines & Sidings
• Depots
• Maintenance & Cargo Lines
• Public and Private Stations


Security Management

Our Management team has over 80 years of combined experience working within the rail sector, giving us full link up approval.

Our service can provide RIMINI planning and we are NWR approved to offer work packages, plans, task briefs and full risk assessment.

We can issue an Immediate response from:

• Black Diamond Security Response Team
• British Police
• Home office
• British Transport police


Our Recommended Services:

Service based Solutions:

• Canine Patrols
• Mobile and Static Guarding

Technological Solutions:

• Rapid Deployment Cameras
• Fixed CCTV
• Perimeter Protection
• Manned 24
• BD eye