Residential Security Solutions


“Home protection for pre-eminence safety”

No-one should ever have to feel unsafe in their own home, but basic security systems, involving CCTV or alarms alone, do not always offer the levels of protection required for total peace of mind. There are many reasons, including wealth or fame, that may cause individuals or families to become targets of crimes – such as theft, vandalism, aggravated burglary or even kidnapping. In these situations, risk must be eliminated quickly, effectively and by a reliable source.

BDS has responded to the growing need for residential security staff in recent years by utilising their teams of former military and specialist police professionals and taking them through residential security guard training. All of their operatives are Security Industry Association (SIA) regulated, and, due to their backgrounds, come with skills and experience that ensure second-to-none protection solutions. They are able to integrate with existing systems of protection – for example as VIP residential security officers – or work alone, providing services such as house sitting security.

All clients have differing needs, from a solo home security guard or house bodyguard to a team of professionals. To cater for all requirements BDS operatives create cost-effective and bespoke packages for those who find themselves or their property vulnerable, or who wish to be proactive in safeguarding their residences. By evaluating your particular circumstances BDS can offer sound and dependable advice on the best package for you.

Services for:

• Homes
• Estates
• Apartment Complexes
• Gated Communities


Security Management

A full site assessment is paramount in maintaining security, you must maintain a secure site at all times to keep security vigilant.

We aim to build a partnership from start to finish that will maintain and adapt as your project/site expands and progresses.

We provide full access and egress protocols / systems to ensure vigilant standards

We can provide immediate response for:

• BDS Response Team
• British Police

With our flexible approach and experienced management, this allows us to revise our services wherever necessary, guaranteeing our clients the utmost cost-effective security solution for your business.


Our Recommended Services:

Service based Solutions:

• VIP Services
• Mobile and Static Guarding
• Vacant Property Protection

Technological Solutions:

• Fixed CCTV
• Access Control
• Facial Recognition & Bio-metric Systems
• BD Eyes
• Fire Alarms
• Intruder Alarms
• Rapid Deployment Cameras


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