Key Holding

Keyholding is designed to help ease the stress all businesses, homes and sites deal with when locking up for the evening.

Its reassuring to know that you are protecting your property and making sure that your family or staff are not being placed in a potentially hazardous situation. 

Consider how much of an impact it would have on your business moral, if a key member of staff has responded to a call out in the middle of the night to an alarm response request and then has to be back to work first thing in the morning.

“The secure property management system”

Security Management

Available within a 30 minutes’ response rate from one of our main bases across the UK:

  • Bristol
  • Crewe
  • Central London
  • Doncaster

In the event of a break in:

Black Diamond Security Officers will contact you and the relevant authorities (British Police)
If possible they will detain intruders until the police arrive.

Service Specification

We operate strictly in accordance with BS7984:2008 codes of practice.

  • Keys are stored in their own separate key pouch within our secure facility.
  • Detailed customer information is kept throughout the agreement time period and reviewed every 6 months.

In the event of an alarm at your facility or site:

  • A response officer will be sent with your keys to access the site
  • Camera systems will be check for potential intruders (Optional)
  • Response officers will be tracked throughout the call
  • If an all clear is given they will reseal and secure the property