Vacant Property Protection

You need to make sure that your property isn’t being vandalised or misused, whilst simultaneously protecting your property.

Unsecured vacant properties are seen by children/teens as great places to play but can be far from safe.

They are also seen as an easy target by vandals, arsonists and squatters, who can present a very real threat to your investment as well as holding up any plans you may have for the property.

“Vacant Properties become easy targets for misuse

Security and Safety Management

The ejection of trespassers can be time-consuming and expensive.

Vacant property inspections will help you comply with your building insurance company. Our aim is to reduce risks of theft, squatting, break-ins, broken equipment, and vandalism.

Our service gives you 24/7 management and protection, providing complete peace of mind.

Service Specifications

Our service works best when combined with other security solutions such as: