Close Protection


All 0ur Close Protection Officers are former UK Armed Forces, they are licensed and meet the industries Security Industry Authority (SIA) criteria.

Personnel can be deployed individually or as part of a team. They are Experienced in, but not limited to, logistical planning for movement, crisis management and training, emergency coordination and regimented discretion.

“For close protection anywhere across the United Kingdom or overseas”

Due to an increasing prejudice emanating from across the globe, the threat of attacks on VIP individuals and those with assets of financial worth has inspired a surge in demand for the services of a close protection officer, or other executive protection services from private security firms.

Close protection officers (CPOs) – or personal bodyguards – can operate discreetly or as a visible force, to ensure that your daily security needs are met effectively.

Protective assistance may be required for one-off or regular duties, relating to perceived or actual threats, in conflict zones or everyday situations. Whether the threat originates from a stalker, potential kidnapper or even the paparazzi, we can offer complete peace of mind to clients anywhere in the world, at short notice.

Our operatives hold UK Security Industry Authority licenses, confirming that they are properly qualified and authorised to lawfully undertake a diverse range of protective services – from celebrity protection to personal bodyguards for business executives or high net worth individuals. Carefully vetted, medically trained, multilingual male and/or female CPOs, with experience in hostile environments, can work individually or as part of an expert close protection security team which has been specifically tailored to meet your requirements.

VIP security operatives are also highly trained in surveillance and they are accomplished in multiple vehicle moves and defensive driving techniques designed to protect high profile clients. Operatives are available either for full physical protection or to act as a deterrent, providing second-to-none private security to ensure that you and your VIPs remain safe at all times.

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