Access Control


Do you need to be sure who is on and off site at all times of the day, 24/7? Our access control system is built for such a purpose. It will be restricting access to your site or a specific location of your choosing.

It will also create a core point of control, so you can easily monitor attendance of staff, contractors and couriers. Clocking in and out time are monitored and can be useful for wage calculations.

We use the leading brand on the market such as PAXTON Net 2 and Switch 2 systems.

“The Security Access and Egress System”

Security Management

Access control provides 100% control over access to your site for all people, contractors, couriers, and visitors.

The system also can be linked to other systems

  • Cameras
  • Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Door Locks
  • Perimeter Protection

Technical Specification

  • External links to smartphones, tablets laptop, computers and Macs
  • Provides a view of personnel on site and in control areas.
  • Allows the removal of personal info quickly




Case Studies

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