BD Eye Cameras


Do you have an external site and are worried that your security is not up to scratch?

Black Diamond Security have a rapid response system on a small scale, that is completely self sufficient and runs internal batteries, provides a visible deterrent and works in harmony with other security services such as your guards.

“BD eyes are the latest in small rapid response visual surveillance system”


Security Management

BD eyes system have their own battery.
Eyes are designed and built with size & presence in mind to create a visible deterrent.
Their primary function is for external sites & structures.
Any alarms go directly to a video response centre and are evaluated.
A Black Diamond Security response team will be dispatched if needed.
Eyes have a quick install time frame.


Technical Specification

• European EN50131 grade 2 standards.
• Built with anti-vandal detection sensor.
• Robust housing to protect hardware and control     systems.
• One – year battery life.
• Allows for 10 seconds of video.
• Wireless system.
• Motion activated system.
• Powered by 4 lithium batteries for
  extended battery life.
• 90 Degree multi-purpose lens as standard.
• 4 infrared LEDs for 12m night vision.
• Standard detection distance (up to 12 metres).
• Fully weatherproof (IP65) and temperature
  resistant (-20C/ +60C).
• Wall, cover and movement tamper triggered by
  the tilt sensor.
• Transmits check-ins/status signal every 8
• 3 wired programmable outputs.