BDEYE System


“BDEYE’s are the latest in small rapid response visual surveillance systems”


The BDEYE is an external self sufficient intruder system with video verification. This rapid response system is a visible deterrent with the ability to work in harmony with other security solutions such as on site guards or mobile patrol.

The BDEYE MotionViewer is a wireless battery operated PIR (Passive Infrared)with video verification, which is triggered by motion detection. The BDEYE System is intended for outdoor applications such as void, vacant properties, or construction sites.

Technical Specification

  • BDEYE Systems are self sufficient, powered by their own lithium ion batteries.
  • BDEYE’s are designed and built with size and presence in mind to create a visible deterrent.
  • Their primary function is for external sites and structures.
  • All alarm activations are received directly by Black Diamond Security’s Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • The camera captures a video segment less than 100 milliseconds after motion detection.
  • Night illumination: up to 12 metres using four infrared LEDs.
  • 90° wide angle lens, with a 320 x 240 pixels resolution.
  • After setting the location of the device, the tamper will alert on any movement of the device including opening of the cover or unscrewing from the mount.
  • The device is fully weatherproof and can withstand temperatures from -25°C to 70°C.
  • Maximum 4,000 events stored in flash memory that cannot be erased.