Facial Recognition & Bio-metric Systems


Want to restrict access to key internal and / or external facilities to protect them from unlawful actions?

Black Diamond Security offers a solution. A complex system of verification that prevents unauthorised access, but is simple to use. The systems will work with existing security measure.


“The three-step verification, recognition and access system”

Security Management

The system is built to be foolproof, giving accurate real-time records of staff, which as a by-product increases productivity of your workers.

There is no need to sign into the system, It keeps an accurate fire record of staff inside.

Doors can be locked for a designated time frame.

Barred tokens will not be allowed access through the control doors.

Any visitors need to be logged into the system prior to arrival.

The system is extremely difficult to disable, mirror or mimic authorised personal.

Built to work with 3rd party electric doors, locks, sensors, alarms, buttons, and bells.


Technical Specifications

• It has an elegant ergonomic design with a 4.3 TFT touch screen for user comfort.
• Time & attendance control device
• Incorporates ZK fingerprint sensor and optionally RFID reader
• Stores up to 30.000 users and 8.000 fingerprint templates.
• Stores up to 200.000 log records without PC download.
• Allows communication with PC through ethernet and USB port
• (Optional) allows Wi-Fi and GPRS communications
• Events management (doctor, personal issues, etc…)
• Time zones, groups and holidays management for access control
• Photo ID (shows the user photo) and black/white photos list management.
• Smart mode (automatic Check-In and check-Out).
• Real-Time (log records communication to the server).
• Background image (can be set to company logo or brand)
• USB downloadable record (format and data defined by user)
• Professional SDK (advanced functions)