Fire Alarms


Fire is the single greatest threat against your site/ property. Making sure you have a hi-tech fire safety security system maybe the difference in life and death. You need to be prepared and act fast.

If your site handles volatile or flammable substances or you just want to make sure your prepared, in the event of a fire. We have the range of systems to suit you.

“fire safety is paramount”

Tailoring Solutions

Depending on your premises, Black Diamond will tailor the type of systems we use.

Making sure that only the highest quality manufacturers with a safety pedigree, such as CTEC, Advanced & RAFIKI is used. This will ensure the system works best.


Security Management

Black Diamond Security offers a range of fire alarms for internal & external structures or sites,
We offer conventional and addressable fire alarms.

Our systems have earlier warning benefits:

They increase evacuation time for building occupants
Emergency medical help can be sent with knowledge of the situation.
Highly recommended that you have an alarm on each floor


Technical Specification

Alarms meet BSEN5839:2013 and EN54 certified standards

The systems use advanced dress-able panel

The Manufactures Guarantee:

• Reduced and unwanted alarms
• Carbon monoxide detection
• Leading edge of fire detection
• 24/7 alarm monitoring
• Can be linked to suppression & Sprinkler systems, extinguishers, and emergency lighting