Fixed CCTV Systems


Surveillance is a priority for any site, whether it be your residential property or your offices. 24/7 fixed CCTV offer the latest in technology for monitoring your site.

The use of CCTV on your site or property provides a highly visible deterrent to potential intruders, whilst allow you to see at any given moment, who is on your site.

“we like to use the best brands on the market – dependent on your site we will choose from a range of options that suit your security needs best”

“The Leading Edge of CCTV Surveillance”


Security Management

Black Diamond Security offers a range of CCTV systems, which cover the fundamentals of surveillance:

Analogue systems
Digital HDIP/SDI systems
Digital TVI systems
PTZ CCTV systems

Feel free to contact us for more information on the types of surveillance available

All cameras use advanced infrared technology, designed to give smooth, even illumination.

Our CCTV systems have been tested rigorously to deliver optimum CCTV footage in extreme lighting conditions.


 Technical Specification

• Auto white balancing
• Auto gains control
• Backlighting compensation
• IP66 Rated
• Camera of weatherproof
• A 10-15m IR range or a 15-20m IR suitable for retail, small commercial, domestic or lower cost installations
• Triple stream systems, for viewing on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices
• Cameras come with either fixed lens or varifocal (2.8 to 12mm) lens.
• Surveillance can be monitored by our ARK centre 24/7, 365 days a year. Our system is designed to provide individual attention on a national scale




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