Intruder Alarms


Intruder alarms are designed to scare off potential burglars, thieves, and intruders. Our alarms are designed to provide a high decibel of noise when tripped.

Alarms are cheap and relatively effective at keeping your property secure and keeping expensive equipment from being damaged or stolen.

“The Siren to our Shield”


Security Management

We offer a range of alarms all built in house by our technology team.

The alarms are designed to be pet-friendly, featuring loud alarms and sensor flashes to alert the area. The chosen brands effectiveness is well-known to would be burglars & thieves.

Alarms can be armed in part or by specific sectors to increase your control over your site. A variety of optional alert modes is available for programming.

Remote monitoring and connected directly to our monitoring centre, alarms will never be ignored.

A full warranty is providing with each alarm.

For both permanent or none permanent systems.

In response to an alarm, one of the following will be contacted:

• Yourself
• Your nominated key holders
• UK Police
• UK Fire Brigade (optional)

Technical Specification

Depending on your site, we will recommend the best alarm, that suits and works with your other solutions.

We offer both wired and wireless systems, that allow for 8 zone control from the control LCD keypad and control panel.

Hybrid system (a mixture of both wired and wireless systems) can be used.

Monitoring alarm via PC/ Mac, tablets, IPad & mobile device monitoring is supported

you may receive recommendations from your insurance company on which grade alarm you will need onsite.

Alarm grades we use:

• Duel Com Digi Air
• Dual Com Grade 2&3
• Graded 2,3&4
• BT Redcare grade 4
• BT Redcare agile grade 2
• GSM Dialler grade 2&3