Live Feed Video Analytic System

The Live Feed Video Analytic system is a perfect solution for problematic hot spots e.g. gates, level crossings, storage containers etc. It can be powered by the clients’ 110V generator or it can be powered by our hydrogen cell, solar panels, and batteries.

We designed the Liver Feed Video Analytic system especially for the abuse of rail crossings, gates and storage containers. The system has the intelligence to give you a multitude of information for example how many people have gone through the gate on a specific day, it can also tell you if the gate has been left open for longer than 5 minutes. Another great feature that the Live Feed has is the ability to store 2000 number plates on its own internal memory. (ANPR)

The Live Feed can also provide Health & Safety Management for the site with its deep learning-based analytics.

Live Feed Video Analytic System Features

  • Counting and filtering of people, objects and vehicles.
  • Abandoned and withdrawn objects.
  • Direction of people and vehicles.
  • Loitering (forbidden areas)
  • Camera obstruction, vandalism.
  • Virtual barriers and fences.
  • Face capture.
  • Tailgating.
  • Line crossing detection.
  • 4G Connection allowing the customer to view the cameras and reports.