Live Feed Cameras


Need to keep an eye on your site when your away from it?

Live Feed Cameras will provide you will the ability to check in on the progress being made on site and visible evidence of milestones being reach on your given project. The ability to check on multiple sites from your office.

It can even be used to as a replacement or along side on site tick sheets and schedules.

“Your Digital Eyes”


Security & Safety Management

We appreciate that all sites are different and present some unique problems, so following an on-site survey we can discuss altering our packages to give you the best coverage.

The camera provides you with a continuous live feed video housed inside a bullet camera.

The LFC is capable of continual recording up to 30 days of live events and has the ability for instant play back on any device by authorised personnel.

We remotely monitors the battery voltage daily, to allow for uninterrupted use.

Utilising 3G/4G networks for high-quality images and connectivity

LFCs are designed specifically for the rail industry with consideration of the infrastructure challenges as it can be used for track side projects surveillance, health and safety purposes and for recording live site events, however, may also be used in other sectors.


Technical Specification

• HIKVISION Bullet Camera
• Full-colour HD video
• Infrared at night
• 30- day recording
• 3G antenna
• Height up to 4.5 metres tower
• Operated by a standalone battery cell
• 3G/4G network connectivity

The Feed can be viewed by designated personnel on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer/mac, using a dedicated secure network giving live footage.

Systems are deployed with effective ease onsite

We can provide a 24/7 engineer call-out service through Manned 24.