Perimeter Protection


Perimeter Protection is the first line of defence for your site.

The system is designed to limit the access points to your site, it creating an invisible perimeter that provides protection of your exposed equipment, whilst preventing intruders from entering the site undetected.

“The front-line of site security”


Security Management

This system is the first line of defense for protecting your site/premise.

With infrared beams that detect any kind of perturbing event, triggering alarms if signals is crossed.

Your insurance company many require the use of a perimeter protection system that protects your onsite assets.

Solutions for each client are unique therefore Black Diamond Security is making sure our service reflects this.

Perimeter Protection systems are useful for:

Deterring some would be intruders
Preventing access and delays incursion
Limited number of access points to your site

A range of options available depending on your site. We will evaluate your site and get the best system to suit it need.

We buy from leading manufactures such as OPTEX, Red Wall, and GJD.


Technical Specification

Optex Specification:

OPTEX have a broad range of

• Hardwired, Battery powered wireless and hybrid solutions.
• Can be mounted independently
• Mounted within the OPTEX range of 1.75m and 3m covert towers.

Red Wall Specification:

• 30mx20m detection coverage
• Intelligent PIR detection system
• Automatic sensitivity management to ambient temperature and light
• Advanced detection algorithm
• Three dual pyro-elements with patented Double Conductive Shielding
• Anti-vandalism functions including anti-masking and anti-rotation function with 3-axis accelerometer
• 3m to 4m mounting height
• Independent sensitivity for near and far detection zones
• Detection logic selector
• Independent N.C. and N.O. outputs adjustable alarm interval time
• BS8418 compliant (UK)

GJD Elite PIR Detector Specification

• Digital ASIC/Microprocessor control
• Output test mode with LED indication
• Digital white light filter
• Area reduction mark (if required)
• Non – volatile memory
• Detection area – 10 to 35 metres up to 750 SQ metres
• Coverage – 90 degrees 35 metres X 30-metre max
• Protection rating – IP55





Case Studies

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