Rapid Deployment Cameras (RDCs)


Rapid Deployment Camera are perfect for mobile sites or those sites without a fixed infrastructure, they can be used instead of 24-hour manned guarding.  RDCs can be operational within 2 hours. They are designed to be a temporary solution.

“Immediate Deployment Self – Sufficient CCTV Solutions which can be operational within 2 hours”


Health & Safety Management

RDCs provide complete comfort in safety management, allowing for the remote identity of main site risk factors.

It provides guarding for personal and staff on site.

When used for events the system can be activated in day mode allowing for a mobile CCTV hub to positioned where ever is needed at the venue. RDCs can aid with site planning before the event begins.

It allow for seamless crowd control monitoring and improves site co-ordination & staff management (HSE & Security measures).


Security Management

Rapid Deployment Cameras are created bespoke in-house by our technology department.

The system was designed to compliment your current manned guarding systems.

It is built in a robust anti- vandal housing to protect all internal components.

The system can be re positioned around your site, along with the secure clamping.

RDCs work independently on solar and battery, allowing for security on vacant sites.

The system are linked to our control room.

Smartphone + online access to live footage including a verbal deterrent from our control room.

24/7 Engineer call outs for ultimate peace of mind.


Technical Specification

• Can be run off a 110V generator on a trickle charge, increasing the longevity of the internal batteries.
• Solar panels, battery/ hydrogen – Longevity system, providing uninterrupted coverage.
• Secure login systems.
• 4G Network for high-quality images.
• Anti-vandal housing.
• PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) Camera – 360 Degree scope and red vision.
• Four PIR sensors – 40 m range of detection.
• 6.5 meter height tower.
• Battery backup systems for 31 days.
• RDC be controlled from a remotely via mobile, tablet, laptop or PC / Mac.
• Eco-efficient design and running, to reduce carbon emissions.