The Situation

Westmoreland Plant Hire before working with Black Diamond Security were running an outdated system of security for their site in Doncaster. It runs the risk of increased security issues, break-ins and intruder alerts without the proper solutions.

Westmoreland needed to improve site security from metal theft through security solutions that could also allow for monitoring of health & safety within their site.

The Sector

  • Environment and Waste Recycling Civil Plant

The Solutions / Business Requirements

 We did a complete overhaul & upgrade of all systems.

  • Fire & Intruder Alarms
  • Fixed CCTV Cameras
  • Access controls & Gates.

The process

The site was fully evaluated to identify the potential target points and hot spots for incursion. Once identified, fixed CCTV Cameras with Infra-red 12mm fixed Lens (IP66 Rated) were positioned to 1, provides a visible deterrent for intruder and 2, to cover these areas throughout the day and night. Access control and Gates were install to increase access and egress security. Fire & intruder alarms were installed to provide visible deterrents and provide effect safety systems for employees.

The Evaluation

The Results so far have dramatically improved security for Westmoreland, the cameras in particular have highlighted near misses by the wagons in the yard, helps to increase safety on site

The solutions also caught someone breaking the main access gates to the site. There has been a complete reduction in the theft of scrap metal from the site since solutions were installed.


“The advice from Black Diamond & the installation of the hi-tech equipment has brought our company into 2016. The site is more secure, protected & safe. From the site survey, install to aftercare the technicians have been very professional, prompt & knowledgeable”

Manager – Westmoreland Plant Hire