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Black Diamond Security Ltd is making great strides in the security industry. we understand that working within a service based industry, our employee’s behaviour, conduct, and professionalism is a direct reflection of the services and products we provide. Our first impression on clients is key for maintaining business development.

What makes us unique is our core trifecta of security, ensuring clients the best and most responsive security on the market. Our trifecta is as follows.

1. Combined Innovation

The combination of you and machine working together to provide unparalleled levels of harmony and security protection in one solution. This allows us to continuously maintain the highest level of technological innovations with our security teams and close protection officers.

2. Tailored Approach

We make sure that all our solutions are right for the client, providing the highest clarity for the vast number of solutions available, meshing them together to work in harmony whilst maintaining the best value for money for each clients needs. this allows us to compete on any stage or level of need.

3. New Age Partnership

You will be working closely with clients, to make sure their security strategies and solutions are proactive and reactive to any potential situation they might face. You must maintain a level of superior customer support to expand the partnership throughout the time frame.

What we are looking for in you

We are welcoming application from intelligent, capable, friendly professionals who can get behind what our brand strives to achieve. Starting your career in the security industry can be difficult to stand out, please do all you can to show us what makes you unique.

Current Vacancies